Past Institutes

August 2-3, 2010

Participants from the 2010 event can access materials here:

The Wounded Child
Hope Study Presentation
40 Assets
Asset Checklist
Learning and Play Presentation

Information for class members
Action Research-Ferrance
Action Research-Donato
Classroom climate copy
the transcendent teacher copy
youthparticipation guide copy
Stories from the strays what dropouts can teach us copy
Students at risk for school dropout-supportng their persistance copy
Barriers to Learning Schl Dropout Prev fall08 (2)-bib copy
importance of bonding with schools copy
disengagedstudents copy
Enhancing Classroom Approaches for addressing barriers to leanring copy
Turning risks into opportunities copy
Assessing_Students_Affect_2007 copy
Youth Pathway PDF 9-07 copy
3 Problems With School.php copy
Preview of “When dropouts return to high school- not all students who drop out vanish from school enrollment rosters for good. This study sheds new light on the challenges students and districts face when dropouts re-enroll
40AssetsList_20091110 copy

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For more information
Contact Susan at (307) 455-2510, (307) 922-2517

June 24-25, 2010

Participants can access materials from the retreat here

From Stan Davis and
Restorative Justice Presentation

From Cindy Jackelyn and The Hope Foundation:
The Hope Surveys
Hope Study Variables 2page

For more information
Contact Susan at (307) 455-2510, (307) 922-2517

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