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When is the “bare minimum” acceptable?

Posted By on September 13, 2010

I was recently engaged in a conversation with an acquaintance who told me his older brother (probably in his early 60’s) was a teacher in Canada. He told me his brother and his fellow teachers were so upset with recent budget cuts and the continuous demands on them to stay abreast of current trends in education, that they have “dug in their heels and vowed to only do the bare minimum until they retire” as some kind of protest. First I told him that I thought his brother and his friends would do us all a favor if they just quit!  Then I asked him if he would want his own child in that classroom? Or if he would want nurses (another profession that is undervalued and must constantly keep up with latest trends in medical care) to  “provide only the bare minimum” especially those on the night shift taking care of his aging mother? Or would an insurance agent be able to dig in his/her heels and only do the bare minimum and continue to be employed? What about a car salesman? What about a business owner who was unhappy with his customers?  I just wonder where this sense of entitlement comes from when there are lots and lots of qualified people out there who would do much more than the minimum in order to have the privilege of being a teacher and of being employed?

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