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The costs of dropping out

Posted By on August 23, 2010

The costs of students dropping out of high school can be counted in a variety of ways for our nation and its economy (and I’ll discuss these in future posts in more detail): increase in criminal activity, dependence on social services, reduction in “productivity” as related to the nation’s gross national product, and reduction in tax revenues.

However, for those who drop out of high school, one very serious (and predictable) personal cost is an average life expectancy ten years shorter than that of a high school graduate. This effect has been tied to years of unemployment, or employment in occupations without health insurance, or in fields with exposure to harsh working conditions, and a life of poverty.

For this reason alone, I believe we as a nation have a moral imperative to do everything we can to ensure each citizen has a “complete” education that includes receiving a high school diploma.

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